Driving While Awesome
Episode 128

Egocidalvehiculum - DWA Podcast #128

Lane Skelton published on

All four of us are back in the same space to record this weeks Thursday edition of the DWA Podcast. 

We dive into some listener questions from Instagram...What is the official term for a car addict?, If CA smog laws get moved to 1980 will it change cars that we lust after?, Do we like automotive TV content?, and more.

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  • Dave Rendon

    Great podcast! I dig Wheeler Dealer as well. Lane, you will probably pick at the way the wrench repairs some of the cars. Some people say some of the repairs are sort of a hack. I understand that they are trying to keep under a budget to maximize their profits when they flip it. Art, I think you are referring to the Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart. They make less power than the Evo X but they were all equipped with the twin clutch 6spd transmission from the Evo X MR. The AWD is similar to the Evo IX.. It makes 237hp as opposed to the 291hp from the Evo X but is still pretty quick. I hear that if you swap over the turbo, intercooler, injectors from a Evo X and tune it, the car will easily make Evo X power. A local tuner had one and did just that a few years back. They are unique cars for sure. Keep up the good work guys.