Driving While Awesome
Episode 89

I Want A Porsche And I Want It NOW! - DWA Podcast #88

Lane Skelton published on

We are going to start producing two shows a week for now on. The Sunday shows will stay the same and we will be releasing a shorter podcast on Thursdays. The Thursday shows will be a lot shorter and focused on one topic or questions, unless we decide to change something...which is very likely.

Please excuse the fact that Art forgot to turn on his mic and sounds like he is in another room. We answer a question submitted to us on Instagram from Eric. Eric wants a Porsche, but can't afford his dream car (Porsche 993) at the momment. Should he buy an 80s SC or Carrera, or a more modern water cooled car to hold him over for now, or wait until he can afford a 993?

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  • Kurt Skelton

    your final consciences made the most sense with the way the prices have been changing ,if nothing else he could gain on the amount of money he had to invest on a993.look how much the market for the 914 has changed in the last few years. good podcast.