Driving While Awesome
Episode 9

New Socks Every Day and Michelin Pilot Super Sports - DWA Podcast #9

Lane Skelton published on

New socks every day, Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and a top shelf full of Lacroix. Warren, Lane and Bryan chat about cars.

 Talking Mercedes, Porsche and Ferrari museums

Silver Arrow Mercedes grand prix car and Fangio

Macan, Bacon

BMW E30 update

E12 v E30 impressions

Bryan in an E30 Convertible or BMW 2002? 

Let me move that 2002 for you...

"I've never owned a convertible...I once owned a convertible"

Auction buy: Vanagon and Cabriolet

Both driving 80's VW's- stoked!

Super squirelly until you loop it backwards, of course.

Sunroof Vanagon or the walkthrough? YES

Bryan in a Willy's Jeep re-enacting WWII

First car purchase after hitting it big?

GMC Sierra, Sprinter, Audi S4. Wait, what?

We love Porsche 993 Turbos, a tender age

TIRES, TIRES and more tires.

New socks and drinks on the top shelf. 

BMW 320is is gone

Corvette C3 bizzaro moment

Can't do a podcast without mentioning the Mighty Max

XCAR buggy video, home built specials and autocross weapons

Mercedes W126

Smoking Tire movie review

Alaska to Santa Cruz

Miata dirt car or RWD Volvo manuals

Mendocino rally inspiring hillclimb ideas

Cherry Lake road stories

What is up with deer whistles? Mythbusters needed

The Mercedes Benz CL is grand

Caterham, Caytorhum

Jay Leno's garage

Origin of the Lotus 7


Bugatti Royale, Blitzen Benz

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