Driving While Awesome
Episode 23

Planned Obsolescence Ain't Got Nothing On Us - DWA Podcast #23

Lane Skelton published on

Warren, Lane and Bryan chat about cars. 

occulous rift- virtual reality

destroyed at beer pong

#23, racing numbercars and coffee review

"i'm kinda a hippy"electric cars- no buenomore cars and coffee- speed boat!

Porsche 993 Turbo on a lift, exposedcomparing to a Porsche 959 more similar than different

living with a 993

Porsche 996 for Bryan?a Carmax Cayman? Yes

BMW M4 sighting, impressionsnew Miata design, skyactiv

BMW X1 reviewhood shut lines and our weird car brains

Mazda is on a roll

tires for a Vanagon

we're anti-style here

240Z, JDM, RHD, Datsun memories

display Porsche motor

McLaren P1, 275 GTB, McQueen factor

Bye, Bye Love & McDreamylast 30 laps of NASCAR

spec Grand Cherokeeminivan race, Jeff Gordon in an Odyssey

Vanagon road trip to Yosemite

coolant repairs, plastic B.S.temp gauge, rally, fuel gauge, altitude


boat update- batteries mission abortedlike,


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  • Kurt Skelton

    nice show lots of verity ,good job.