Driving While Awesome
Episode 165

Rapping With 'RetroGrade Classics' - DWA Podcast #165

Lane Skelton published on

We recorded the best podcast ever with the guys from 'Retro Grade Classics' in Carmel, CA during 'Monterey Car Week', but the recording didn't really work out. 

This time we have them on via Skype to talk about their passion for cars, vans with shag carpet and being ahead of their time as "white rappers". 

'Retro Grade Classics' is a new "Classic Sports Car Lifestyle" brand just launched coinciding 'Monterey Car Week' and they have a bunch of awesome stuff in the pipe lines. 

Chris Harrell, Jason Zahler, and Michael Alan Ross are the guys behind it, and their years of being in bands, running companies, and doing photography and graphic design have culminated into the radness that is 'Retro Grade Classics'.

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