Driving While Awesome
Episode 15

RUF Life Might Be Too Rough. First World Problems. - DWA Podcast #15

Lane Skelton published on

Lane, Warren and Bryan chat about cars. 

Broke for Free, thank you

teaser alert...or lazy

GoPro usage

youtube review: Chevy Sonic

Ruf RGT details and impressions

480hp analog bluff caller

will give any car a run for it's money

insane car vs. slow car fast

Porsche and the love of the outlaw

E24 vs RGT vs 944

sports vs touring and the daily driver

356 speedster at car and coffee

Pismo beach car culture

356 impressions and what to buy

rallying in the snow

teardrop trailers and sportsmobiles

Mini Cooper S run flat woes

BMW 2 series, the natural selection

New DWA member, Mopar Dave

restored Dodge Powerwagon

1959 Impala bubbletop

Hot August Nights memories

Petrolicious and the 250 GTO

what to buy under $50k?

coachbuilt cars and aluminum bodies

recreated Ferrari's

build your own car

Blastolene creations 

Boxster for Bryan

If not a Boxster then what?

M3? SL? Mustang? Miata?

the ultimate practical driving machine

baby crying + couch flips over

E30 cabrio...no. Save for a Porsche.

964 Cabriolet?

Lack of appreciation for appreciation

Porsche drift? No. E36? Yes.

Which Boxster to get?

BMW E36 M3 moving on up.

no budget repairs here


Mercedes 190 SL edition

cool car litmus test

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