Driving While Awesome
Episode 21

Singer is to 964, as ICON is to FJ40, as DWA is to Toyota Pickup? - DWA Podcast #21

Lane Skelton published on

Lane, Warren and Bryan chat about cars. 

$40k Toyota Pickup for the estate, are you buying?

Mazda Miata deliberation


video updates

944 v E30 pricing, rarity

Vanagon party speaker

MR2 roadside drummer

towing the living room

1959 Impala bubbletop

appreciating bodywork

nice Porsche 912 rest-mod

Vanagon and 944- trying to get wierd

"he knew me from the video"

The Formula

Singer-fy a 914

What do 914's look like in 5 years?

especially if someone "makes" one

944's? um, nah.

Toyota 22re pickups?

Singer's next project

Vanagon...go westy

VW Bus is a death trap

go all in- we think it's cool

brand new E-Type lightweight

Icon derelict series

Singer build sheets

Simca and French curse words

"I'm super into maps"

4x4 rabbit hole

fire roads of CA.



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