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Episode 113

SpongeBob SquarePusher - DWA Podcast #113

Lane Skelton published on
Lane Skelton updated on

We get into some post Coastal Range Rally project updates. Lane and Warren argue about redlining your car, talk about the Geneva Auto Show, and we answer a bunch of questions from our Instagram.

As always we end the show with some Trivia.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Cool show but boo hiss on your c7 z06 review of styling...! ;) Although compared to little sports cars I understand but compared to other 650 hp super cars this z06 styling fits in...

    Torch red, white or black with black interiors are probably better colors. And I prefer the 1LZ aero one package as its a little more subdued....

    I see this monster starting at around 80 grand or about the price of a medium optioned boxster s...

    Styling opinion aside as that's a personal opinion you German car fans might object to....go drive one...they steamroll the completion that if your I to cars might enjoy...

    Digging your photos of the cool rally. Looked like a ton of fun. Great job guys....

    Had me searching 996 911 s out in California. You guys have soon many 911 s out there....the preowned versions are are 30 percent cheaper than on the east coast... For kicks...I thought an older 911 would be more a DWA podcast car..

    I enjoy the podcast guys....keep up the good work...AWESOME,!!.

  • Lane Skelton

    Hey Jonathan,

    Glad you like the show! I personally don't like the styling of the C7 Zo6, but I can see why a lot of people would like it. I prefer the looks of the standard C7 and even that has a little too much going on for my tastes. I come from a design background, having gone to school for industrial design, but that doesn't make my opinion any stronger than anyone else's. There is no denying the performance of the Zo6 or even the base C7 for that matter, but these days most performance cars are pretty satisfying, and DWA has kinda taken on the "slow car fast" mentality. I would take that medium optioned Boxster S over a Zo6, but I would rather have an 80's 911, a 944 turbo, a BMW E34 M5, and a 2005 997 Carrera for the same price (that's the DWA way).
    Stoked that you like the pics from the rally, and I'm glad you still enjoy the show despite our ignorance towards modern American steel (fiberglass).
    Best regards,