Driving While Awesome
Episode 20

@steviegeezy Brings the Autocross History - DWA Podcast #20

Lane Skelton published on

@steviegeezy joins Lane, Warren and Connor to chat about cars, and we cover some of his autocross and car ownership history. Plus more auto related jibber jabber like always!

Welcome Stevie

Hawaiian style

best island car?


Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Scout

MK1 4Runner vs. Land Rover

Montana LLC

Steven's intro

Lotus 7, Super V, TUI

dropping Auto Cross knowledge

SEMA sucks but I wanna go

Jeff Zwart likes 964s

surf shop and VW shop

Simca story

hand print dents

magnesium wheels for $12,000

buying a speedster at a bargain

...now open your hood.

Steevie's cars

BMW, Miata, Typhoon, C5 Z06

scary car- supercharged Z06

dream car- 1969 Camaro rally sport

Connor sounds drunk

Camaro with BMW implants

Corvette chassis options

BMW E12 update

Vanagon options

tint thoughts, again

BMW 135i

seat inserts for the 944

Vanagon curtains

the tint formula

Volvo XC90- warranty ownership only

Panamera and Macan

DWA car show

Hawaii Dodge Ram 50 for sale


delayed gratification

parking styles

the boat is awesome

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