Driving While Awesome
Episode 16

The Land of the Rising Sun and the Years of the Targa - DWA Podcast #16

Lane Skelton published on

Warren, Lane and Bryan chat about cars

Dedicated to the Porsche 944

sixteen candles house

new locks on tattered 944, pervert

SoCal, Inland Empire, weird, F.L.A.B.

Lane says Disneyland sucks

2CV=deux chevaux Citroen

old Jeep spotted

4 windows down- please notice

wing windows

Reno Auto Museum review

best in house- Porsche 356?

a lot of brass era

personal burning man

sardine can on a van

magic carpet ride

2002 update

1973, malaga red, roundie

Bryan still contemplating

what about NSX? YES

lets go halvsies on one

Corvete: douche no matter what?

Honda S2000? great shifter

Integra, TSX, RSX

where is the Celica, MR2?

300zx, poor mans NSX?

Targa, T-Top, NX200, Pulsar, 3000GT4 VR6

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

BaT auctions- ebay is sorta bummed

E30 M3- is the bubble bursting or just good advertising?

let's not forget the muscle car bubble

project boat update, what up Jason

we still don't know what were doing

tabernacles, booms and leverage

need for a checklist


"not really a big space dude"

car reviews with Buzz Aldrin

Plutonium Powered, nuclear free zone

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