Driving While Awesome
Episode 94

Top 10 Googled Cars of 2015 - DWA Podcast #94

Lane Skelton published on

DWA founding membor Misha, and our buddy Kevin join us at Art's pad in San Francisco to run through the most searched new cars on Google and give our expert opinions. 

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Even though I'm on my third 3 new corvette z51 s or z06 s I dig your foreign car BMW and Porsche podcasts...you guys crack me up. Happy new year and thanks for all your fine efforts...

    Just to play devils advocate......zero to 60mph in 4 flat, 1.0 lateral cornering g.s, top speed 190 mph...no internal mods....just a few interior leather mods....and Heads up display....zero to 95k miles and the maintenance was just oil changes, gasoline and tires... Hell of a super car....

    Almost did a 2013 boxster s with PDK pasm chrono but couldn't give up the total performance ...

    Nice interior .....and nice mid engine steering feel...only transmission I'd give up a manual for would be that radical PDK...nice direct shift feel.. Cool, podcast...

    Just to bust your balls...check out the 6th gen camaro ss performance for 37 grand.....

    These gm cars are validated for 300k miles.....it's gas oil and tires...while they terrorize all competitors from around the world....that are anywhere near in price....give or take 50 grand...

    Thanks for the show!

  • Lane Skelton

    Thanks Jonathan, we're glad you like the show.

    The Corvette is a performance bargain and has turned into a nice overall car over the past few generations. You are right, the 6th gen Camaro SS is a lot of performance for the price, but I don't think any of us like the looks, lack of greenhouse or weight...even thought the new Camaro has lost a couple hundred pounds it still weighs 3760lbs in SS trim.

    Thanks again for listening!


  • Jonathan Brown

    2016 BMW m4 DCT 3585 lb curb weight
    2016 camaro SS 3685 lb curb weight

    I'm digging the new M2 and surprised you guys thought it would deteriorate the value of the 1M..

    Great topics every week on your show..

    Thanks! Really a great show!