Driving While Awesome
Episode 35

Total Recall - DWA Episode #35

Lane Skelton published on

Episode 35 of the weekly DWA automotive #podcast has @viewology, @laneskelton and @mcqueenracing talking about #mercedes #strichacht #w114, #sailboat, #jeep #wk2 #jeepgrandcherokee, and #bmw #minicooper project updates, recalls, and when will a #bmw #850i become a classic worth saving? Click the link in our profile to get to the download. Available on #iTunes #Stitcher and #shoutengine. #bmw #porsche #mercedes

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  • Kurt Skelton

    enjoyed this broadcast. Since you have talked about recalls on cars a couple of times , I have to tell you about a couple on the dodge cars and trucks when I worked for the gas co. in L A. 1964-1971 . Our trucks started having a problem where all of a sudden the engines would go full throttle and it was happening to most models of cars and trucks from chrysler .the return spring for the throttle linkage was hooked to the exhaust manifolds and would break, but instead of shutting off the went full throttle. we had large rubber band on new gas meters on our trucks to hold paper work on each meter so we would jerry rig the linkage and go back to the base. I saw a lady come off the freeway in a dodge sedan the engine screeming,she went through the the island in a gas station back out into the street and flip the car and the engine died. another problem on the trucks was brake drums would crack across the break area ,so when you put on the break it would cut into the brake shoe on the one brake .I almost went off the freeway down the side of the mountain. the third thing was the rims started cracking and they had to replace them .so the recalls arnt new and them not advertising the problem isn't new,like the explosive pintos.