Dumb Devil's Advocate
Episode 20

Bottle Service

Sean Cahill published on

After recounting their respective Saturday nights out, hung over hosts Dave and Sean unveil yet another new topic themesong, and pull the topic "Bottle Service" from the envelope. Sean paints an eleborate scenario where he dresses up like a girl and lets men sodomize him to get free booze in the VIP, Dave delves into the minds of people who would spend $800 to drink a bottle of Vodka behind a velvet rope, and the hosts come up with a wild conspiracy theory regarding robot humans. Later, the lifestyles of Europeans are compared and contrasted with those of Americans, who are chiefly concerned with spousal bickering and KFC, while the Europeans are drinking mama's stew in the 200 year old family home. This episode is prreeee-tttty bizarre and funny, so sit back and enjoy!

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