Dumb Devil's Advocate
Episode 16

Civil War Reenactments with special guests Dan and Glen

Sean Cahill published on

A very special episode featuring two guests, Dan and Glen, who join the show for a roundtable discussion on the topic pulled from the envelope - Civil War Reenactments. The group addresses all of the most pertinent questions surrounding the issue: were little drummer boys really just for pederasty? Do women enjoy pretending it's 1863? Special guest Glen posits the theory that reenactments are one of the few safe places for grown men to go enjoy "play", and hey- what's wrong with that? Sean wonders what it might be to like to be a drummer boy serial killer. Special guest Dan tells the tale of when Abraham Lincoln came to San Dimas, and Dave suggests he would rather reenact Vietnam because he once took a pleasant vacation there.  If you or somebody you love enjoys dressing up as Robert E. Lee and walking around the park on the weekend, this show is for you!

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