Dungeons and Dragons and Chill
Episode 12

S02E01 - Incidental Allies Chapter 1

Yo Fizz published on

Three of our five new adventurers - Rikku, Aldrun, and Cadwen - leap from the pages of their origin stories and into the world of Dungeons and Dragons and Chill! Rikku is met with the aftermath of his father’s business. Aldrun escapes the clutches of the evil Kingdom Gantz. Cadwen fights her way into the town of Rockside. The three meet up by the machinations of the mysterious Jerrick Lightborn and sent of the quest of their lives!


Dungeon Master - Andy (https://twitter.com/SVB_Andy)

Rikku - Alex (https://twitter.com/alexlane42)

Aldrun - Berk (https://twitter.com/berkley90)

Cadwen - Quinn (https://twitter.com/stuporvideobros)

Funestar - Lars (https://twitter.com/ElScizor)   

Celric - Fizz (https://twitter.com/YoFizz)


Opening Theme “Vampires” by Metiri (https://metiridubstep.bandcamp.com/)

Special thanks to Skype, Gary Gygax, Kevin James, and listeners like YOU!

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