Dyslexic AND UN-Stoppable
Episode 121

Can You Turn To Your Pediatrician To Help Your Dyslexic Child?

Douglas Curtiss published on

Five Steps To Help Your Dyslexic Child

Have you ever wondered where you can turn to help your dyslexic child?  One place we often recommend is your pediatrician.  Your pediatrician is an expert in child devleopment and most have experience helping you navigate the school system

But are all pediatricians experts on dyslexia?

As I relate in this episode, we pediatricians get some training in school and learning issues such as dyslexia, but given the immense amount of knowledge we have to gain during our training, there isn't the time to learn everything about dyslexia.  

In this episode I give you 4 questions to ask your pediatrician to determine if he or she can help your child.  Also, as I mention, if you find that your pediatrician just does not have the resources, you are always welcome to book a Skype call with me:

Book your Skype call with Dr. Curtiss here.

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