Episode 4


ElevateLive Cebu published on

“The spiritual sickness if people infected with self-pity, frustration, disappointment, and most of all a lack of trust in

God.” (fr. CCF MINEFIELD ARCHIVE). We see our lives as the center of the universe. Probably one of the sins most

tolerated. “It is a self-centered expression of discontent, failing to trust and submit to His Sovereign plan for our



1. When we voice out our frustrations, our anger about a situation we are in fact declaring that God has no

control and God has no power over what we are going through, and this is a serious sin before God.

2. A grumbling or a complaining spirit is TOXIC.

3. If there had been a secret video camera recording your life this past week, how much grumbling/complaining

would have been captured on film? 

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