Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 8

Conscious Entrepreneurship with Matt Stefanik

Cari Merriam published on

Navigating through entrepreneurship feels like climbing uphill with tumbling rocks flying at you, massive storms rolling in followed by the most beautiful rainbows, and having to trust fully in yourself. It’s all too easy to get into the energy of grinding it out… but even easier to shift into victim mentality as an entrepreneur. 

Being an entrepreneur is the ultimate creator state. 

When you are first starting, as I am, you have to actually get unbalanced. Something that is again everything I believe in! ARG. 

I completely understand that as an entrepreneur I have to get super unbalanced with all my focus an intention on what I am building AND still hold the intention of the VISION I am moving towards. 

Yes, you have to put in the work but we forget it’s only temporary versus the mistake most entrepreneurs make which is staying within the grind and not knowing when to lean back and take care of themselves. 

Entrepreneurs sometimes forget they intention behind why they want to be entrepreneurs in the first place - SERVICE, FREEDOM, MANIFESTATION, AND INTENTION and fall into the trap of comparison, competition, and proving their worth… or chasing the money.  

That’s why I am so excited about this podcast with Matt. He has 16 years in the industry and drops some serious entrepreneur knowledge. 

Key insights from this episode:
The habits you need to start your day to set you up for success
How to handle situations when your business is hitting serious challenges
The entrepreneurship hero’s journey to greatness

Matt Stefanik, aka "The Lifestyle Architect," is a marketing expert, consultant, speaker, and lifelong entrepreneur. He has spoken at various marketing events around the world including in Atlanta, Cozumel, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Montreal, and London. Matt is the creator of "The Lifestyle Architect" brand and is the Founder and CEO of Futimmo, the ecommerce platform of the future. In 2002, Matt dropped out of college, started his own real estate business, and 16 years later is still successfully self-employed.  Matt is a husband, father of three, serial entrepreneur, and lover of comedy, craft beer, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.  Connect with Matt at https://fb.com/MattStefanik.


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