Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 17

Conscious Play in Digital Marketing with Amelie Mettenheimer

Cari Merriam published on

As an entrepreneur, I know all too well the overwell and additional stress that comes from choice fatigue, especially within the digital world. I believe we all have an innate gift within us that is meant to be shared with the world. But when faced with the choices of how to share our message and market it for our business we can be left feeling overwhelmed at where to start and where to go next. Amelie, a digital marketing maven, has held my hand as I get my message online and now she is sharing her secrets for you to do the same. In this Embodied Enlightenment episode, Amelie and I go deep into conscious conversation about how to play within the digital space, what technology to use, where to start, and how to do all of this consciously from a place of service.

When you listen or watch this episode you can expect to learn about:

  • - Playing in the digital space: how to handle the overwhelm of choices and play the conscious marketing game so everyone wins

  • - Choosing the right technology

  • - Letting your content speak for itself

  • - Why it's imperative to manage your expectations, for yourself and your tribe

  • - How to deal with the growth of highly suspicious humans online

  • - How are you showing up in a 5th-dimensional experience in the service and exchange of energy you are offering

  • - Why you shouldn't be telling everyone about your life, what you are feeling, and experiencing

If you are looking to share your message with the world, this is an episode you definitely do not want to miss.

Amelie Mettenheimer is the creator of JustAskAmelie.com and is on a mission to help new coaches and entrepreneurs go from no clue to in the know through mastering technology in order to create more freedom and ease.

Having grown up (and still living) in Europe, the US and South Africa she is uniquely in tune with the needs of the modern female entrepreneur. Amelie created Just Ask Amelie to provide a source for new coaches to find usable and actionable answers for their blocks in a beautiful and fun way without huge expense. She is also a certified breathwork facilitator supporting those who are looking to release trauma and stuck energy to feel more connected to themselves, their creativity and life energy.

Amelie works with passionate women all around the world through her workshops and programs, teaching you how to have more freedom and ease in your life while making those business dreams come true. She has been featured on WFTV, BeFit and ZoneOne Radio among others. With her loving yet no nonsense approach, Amelie inspires talented individuals to take charge of their life, success, and happiness by boosting their self-confidence, dropping the BS excuses and infusing huge amounts of fun into each day.                                          

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