Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 10

Conscious Sales with Jason Campbell

Cari Merriam published on

Everything we do in our life is selling, persuasion, and connection. Listen to the latest episode of the embodied enlightenment podcast to understand the impact of always selling from a place of love. 

If you are experiencing blocks with money you will definitely want to listen in to this conversation. Jason and I go deep through communication and collaboration explaining the energy exchange of money. You see, money was created as an energetic tool to understand the value of exchange of goods and services or time. Money is this very amazing tangible tool. Yet, we all have a lot of beliefs wrapped into our experience of wealth. Our beliefs have formed embedded emotional responses. Within this episode you will see that every time there is an energy exchange there is also a primary emotion. You have to ask yourself:  Are you taking from the collective consciousness or adding to the enhancement of that energy? What are the emotions that come in within every sale you are trying to make - all it is an exchange between a single or collective.

Key Insights:

  • Where fear comes from around selling and how to shift away from it to increase your sales and life

  • Three loves that need to happen if you want to sell from love for the products you are presenting to the world

  • What is the impacting your sales are making in the world and have it is directly related to the flow of your financial abundance

  • How to get familiar with a cycle of rejection to move past it

  • Melt the resistance of sales by learning to operate from a different paradigm

Why should you listen to Jason? I would call him a sales guru. Jason Campbell is one of the primary sales and marketing leaders at Mindvalley, working directly with strategic partnerships and sales. A company impacting billions of lives around the planet. He is a growth hacker with high energy, wits of a ninja, get things done, and is obsessed with his LOVE of sales. He is also the host of Impact @ Work, and speaks about sales on stages around the world.

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