Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 15

Create Sacred Union in Your Business to Boost Abundance + Flow with Joanna Turner

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If you are anything like me you are consciously working towards a harmonize balance in all aspects of your life. I work to maintain harmony within first, balancing the ying and yang aspects of myself and then apply those same balancing principles to my business.

Utilizing these two qualities of energy as a dance leading us into flow states.

This week, we had the master herself, Joanna Turner sharing her insights into this exact methodology.  

Joanna shares her story of what it’s like to feel and be unbalanced between the two qualities of energy that exist within all things, and more importantly how she was able to navigate herself into flow. This lead to optimizing her business profits but also influencing other aspects of her life.

Joanna and I dive into the masculine and feminine qualities of energy and how to understand what those qualities really mean as well as how to best tap into them when you are out of balance. She also shares her way to realize if you are out of balance and her simple technique to get back on track.  

If you feel like you are behind in your business, or pushing too hard, or maybe not pushing enough this is the episode for you. It is time to do the inner work to make outer change.

Join Joanna and me for the latest Embodied Enlightenment episode.

Joanna Turner is an International Speaker and leading Spiritual Success Mentor, (and former Chartered Accountant!) She is a mentor to female entrepreneurs and specializes in busting money blocks and helping them to alchemize fear into flow and awaken their infinite possibility.  She acts as a bridge between the spiritual and business worlds combining; her strong business acumen, gained from spending 17 years in Finance, with her years of spiritual practice, including being a Shamanic Reiki practitioner & Master NLP Practitioner. She is the founder of Akashic Alchemy, teaching people to read their own Akashic Records, using her simple technique to align to their Soul Purpose and beyond. She is a digital nomad and is on a mission to raise the frequency of the planet.

She was recently nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award 2016 in the Entrepreneurship category.





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Embodied Enlightenment podcast episode 15.


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