Embodied Enlightenment

Express Yo' Self with Filippa Levemark

Cari Merriam published on

Join the movement of expanded consciousness. Within this very first episode gain deep insight into ways to express yourself fully and why that is so good for your soul. Kicking off this new movement with one of my beautiful soul sisters, artist, and all around goddess Filippa Levemark. 

Filippa is a Swedish/Canadian painter, who recently sold all her belongings and started to travel around the world to be inspired and to challenge her own artistic style. Her work has been sold to various private collectors and shown in art halls and galleries around Sweden. Her paintings explore abstract and realism, dreamtime and realities, culture and nature and she is starting to incorporate various energetic techniques to evolve her style and her intentions around her work. 


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  • i wonder if people who dont already like to dance would be open to trying to use dance to express themselves and process their emotions and process energy that is stored, that needs processed and released so they are not stuck with stored energy that will stagnate and turn from emotional to physical aliments.?

  • Cari Merriam

    Ecstatic dance is a great way for people that don't enjoy dancing to get in their body and feel into the vibration of music. I love these insights. Keep them coming!

  • topic:how does dance help people to process energy?
    next week what . this shall be everyday!!!

  • Cari Merriam

    Amazing. Thank you so much for this idea! I love it. I do stuff every day on my Instagram channel @Cari_Merriam - check me out there and let's keep connecting.