Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 18

Generalist vs Specialist with Pablo Escorcia

Cari Merriam published on

Do you feel like your life is only being partial fulfilled? That you love what you are doing but feel like something is missing? Or are you a spiritual warrior that has lived in the world of business as well as the world of being barefoot, naked, and completely liberated and desire integrated the two?

In the latest episode of the Embodied Enlightenment podcast, Pablo and I discuss the benefits of being a generalist in a world of specialist as well as the key components on how to best navigate taking on that role. Pablo has mastered satisfying all aspects of his soul and he sharing his story, insight, and wisdom on how to stay true to his spiritual free nature while still being grounded in the world of business. 

Pablo is a Berlin-based entrepreneur, Biodanza teacher, Yogui, coach and consultant. His life has been a journey of searching for his own path by integrating the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance. He has over 15 years’ experience as an organizational consultant, coach, and trainer. He has worked in designing, facilitating, consulting and implementing more than 200 different organizations reaching more than 4000 people. As a senior consultant, he has worked with a wide range of clients that include private companies, public institutions, international NGOs and educational institutions.

His goal in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness from gratitude and love to help create a better world.

“My main focus in Berlin is to expand and share with the world my vision and thrive by helping to create a world in which consciousness and mindfulness are the key to evolve as species. 7 Sessions is the platform that has manifested through me to connect unconnected dots, lead, co-create and sponsor independent-conscious, collaborative entrepreneurs/projects by acting as a platform for new, inspiring and integrative relationships.”

You can find out more about Pablo on his website here: http://www.7sessions.de/


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