Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 2

Reveal Your Resistance To Heal It with Amrit Sandhu

Cari Merriam published on

How do you respond in the face of resistance? Do you find yourself procrastinating, and not fully embracing the incredible gift that is you? You might have some old belief systems ruling your current reality. In this episode, you will uncover ways to reveal and recognize the resistance in your life and take conscious action on how to heal it.

Step into your unknown by activating your courage and listen to your soul’s calling.

Gain courage by learning how to move towards your fear.

Experience and understand that transformation that shifts knowledge into wisdom.

Amrit is a fun and enthusiastic people lover whose passion lies in personal and spiritual growth. A true philosopher at heart, he is particularly passionate about meaningful and purposeful living. He is the founder and podcaster of the Inspired Evolution, a movement dedicated to supporting people on ‘How to live the life you love’. The Inspired Evolution is a vehicle for bringing new and inspired ways of being, living and thinking to the masses through meditation and education. Amrit truly believes that inspired people are the key to the current global evolution. He is the founder of the Mandala Moments Movement in Australia, a gathering which brings together community passionate about growth and wellness. These regular events are specifically geared towards igniting conscious thought and elevating levels of consciousness to push humanity and the planet forward. Graduating as a civil engineer he went on to work as a Project Manager for a well-respected global construction company for several years. After noticing the lack of nature in the built environment he developed a passion for the use of green spaces to holistically enhance societal and environmental health and wellness. This led him to undertake a Ph.D. dedicated to promoting the adoption of vertical gardens on high rise buildings in global cities. Grateful for having experienced the profound benefits of meditation, he became inspired to share mindfulness in corporate work environments where it is most needed. Amrit now tailors a diverse range of meditation and mindfulness offerings for corporations, construction sites, and high-performing individuals. Amrit is always happy when he can help people experience the clarity, creativity, and productivity that comes from stillness and meditation. Amrit loves traveling and considers himself a global citizen having visited 46 countries. In his downtime, he enjoys his creativity through music, conversation, literature, time in nature, and finding new sources of inspiration. He discovered that to be inspiring one must simply be inspired. Amrit lives in Melbourne Australia with his partner Kae Bajwa and their dog Gaia. Together they spearhead the Inspired Evolution and also make two-thirds of Mindvalley Australia. Listen to an Inspired Episode of the Inspired Evolution Now: https://www.amrit-sandhu.com/eric-edmeades/


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