Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 4

Science versus Spirituality with Flo Eberhart

Cari Merriam published on

Have you ever wondered why we are here and how we got here in the first place? This question has both science and spirituality searching for the answer. The most recent research shows that these once two opposing viewpoints are now in alignment with the answers to life's biggest questions. 

Join Flo and me for this weeks' episode as we explore multiple different rabbit holes from thermal dynamics to the big bang theory, to the illusionary reality of Maya. Get ready to have your mind blown way open as we navigate the world of science and spirituality. 

Florian Eberhart doesn’t like labels - he calls himself an experiential being. He likes to maximize his experience and just going with the flow. But if you want to give him labels he used to have a lot of them -  from theoretical astrophysicist, entrepreneur, advisor, thinker, biohacker, QiGong Instructor, to business and peak performance coach. You can follow him @floebb 

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