Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 7

The Evolution of the Cell for the Evolution of the Self with Jason Prall

Cari Merriam published on

Join Jason Prall and me for the latest episode of the Embodied Enlightenment podcast. Jason Prall is a powerhouse, soul-infused, scientific spiritual badass. He is a wealth of knowledge and insight on human longevity and optimal health. Check out the latest Embodied Enlightenment podcast below.

When you listen to this episode you will gain key insights on the following topics:
  Affirmation + Confirmation that health is already within you
  Heart Math
  How Emotions + Thoughts Influence Your Health and how to use them to get Healthier
 Brain Waves, Cellular Shifts, and Societal Stimulus

Jason Prall is a former mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur, filmmaker, and Health Optimization Practitioner. Due to 20 years of his own health challenges, Jason was given the opportunity to discover the reality behind his symptoms. Over the years, he transitioned from working in the integrative disease care model to a model of health optimization and lifestyle medicine. In May of 2018, these lessons culminated in a documentary film series called, "The Human Longevity Project", which uncovers the complex mechanisms of chronic disease & aging and the true nature of longevity in our modern world. 


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