Embodied Enlightenment

Episode 19

Understand Universal Intelligence Brett Powell

Cari Merriam published on

Ever wondered how we all influence each other... the energy that bridges world and connection all things? Brett has been fascinated by humans influence on and from the collective consciousness field, or as Brett calls it Universal Intelligence. I invite you to take a moment, slow down, and join in the conversation between Brett and myself within the latest Embodied Enlightenment episode to understand universal intelligence.  

Brett opens his heart, sharing his story of extreme contrast of his childhood and his longing search of deep connection and the feeling of belonging. 

We touch on how to reach and maintain flow states by deprogramming the identifications we've built and created. We go even deeper on integrating the wounds we all have within and the default paradigm with exist within. 

This episode is filled with golden nuggets, especially if you want to learn more about quantum fields and flow states. Your invitation to join us is waiting. 

Brett is currently exploring a new level of surrender to the divine and a new level of trust in the universe. On a personal level, he in the process of doing a breatharian initiation and transformation, working with Zero point technologies. 

Professionally Brett works as a Daka, facilitates Awakening Creation Circles around the world and organizes interesting alternate events, conferences, retreats, workshops, hackathons and parties combined where people and groups enter into flow states (unified with the quantum supercomputer) and from this field we relate, integrate (Heal), love what is, manifest new realities, and create together.

He has spent the last 35 years of his life exploring and experimenting with ecstatic and flow states. He has studied engaged in and obsessed over peak performance states in extreme sports, creative software development teams, dance, plant medicines, Trance Parties, shamanism, and Tantric sacred sexuality. This searching has to lead him to found extreme software development companies, living in ashrams in India, Buddhist monasteries, living with ayahuasca drinking communities in the Amazon, living with and studying with powerful dakini's and with the pygmies in the Jungles of the Congo basin and many, many more exciting places. He has also studied a number of transpersonal transformational practices, Taoist energy healing, sensual and sexual massage, quantum collapse, family constellation, HeartMath, Demartini, relationship mastery and heartIQ circling.

Before all this he studied as an Engineer first, then an Accountant and lastly as a Software Developer. 

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