Episode 101

#101: Murder Spouses (Smiling Face with Sunglasses)

Emojidrome published on

(Minor season 1 Hannibal spoilers from 2:50 to 6:35)

Are you sunglassesy enough for the sunglasses club? We put on our shades and talk about the "Smiling Face with Sunglasses" emoji to find out! Which of these glasses guys picked up their shades from an Etsy listy, and which one spent too much money on luxury frames? Who among them is a genuinely cool cat, and which one is in too many Twitter DMs? Stay tuned for the first episode of Mads About You/Lecter Vectors/Tattlecrime the Podcast, cowboy coding, Rec Specs, the works of Dax Shepard, "blobular," Pizza Pops, a bodacious brawl, bad movie findom, and more! This one brought up a lot of Homestuck memories.

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