Episode 53

#53: Big Funny Rustlas (Money Bag)

Emojidrome published on

This week, Andi and Ryan cover the "Money Bag" emoji! It's a rousing hour of comedy, brought to you by Diet Dr. Dental! Emojidrome is proud to promote Diet Dr. Dental, the ONLY low-calorie, low-sugar soda made entirely of liquified human teeth! The next time you've got the thirst in you, don't reach for those other unhealthy sodas which'll rot those pearly whites. Instead, grab a Diet Dr. Dental! Proven in 9 out of 10 clinical trials to STRENGTHEN tooth enamel, all while delivering a crisp and refereshing taste that's perfect for summer. What's the secret, you ask? It's teeth, baby! Get a Diet Dr. Dental at any participating retailer - and tell 'em Emojidrome sent ya!

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