Episode 76

#76: Layin' Lincoln Logs (Glass of Milk)

Emojidrome published on

Are you ready the join the Austin Powers Mojoverse? Then come along as we talk the "Glass of Milk" emoji! Which of these beverages is plain old cow juice, and which one is something more sinister? How many of these pearly liquids would Andi sip, and how many are stooges of Big Milk? Of course, this is all overshadowed by new evidence about the WWE wrestler who pulled the trigger on JFK. Stayed tuned for Sicko Mode vs Purple Lamborghini, the H2O Hos, Elroy Jetson's Fry A Turkey 2k19, Lee Harvey Oswald's cowboy hat, the Austin Powers social network, horny Abe Lincoln, Werner Herzog drinking milk, and more! We've got your daily calcium right here.

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