Enlightened Heart OC
Episode 14

Be still and know…..a lesson in listening.

Craig Hamilton published on

“Your first lesson is to learn to be still, for I can only speak to a hushed soul. When you can drop from your consciousness all clamor, then can My voice speak to you, teaching things of the soul’s development.  PRACTICE SILENCE AT ALL OPPORTUNITY.  I shall then be enabled to come close to you……”
“In His Presence” Eva Bell Werber. 
My lesson has begun, deeply in my moments of quiet, I am discerning the Voice of the Holy One, cultivating a deeper relationship.  An inner awareness has been showing me the way of the peaceful warrior, obedient, disciplined. All things made new, all things made right, at-one-with all that is.  My heart has cracked open again revealing things unseen, unheard and unfelt like never before.  For this I am grateful; for this I am at peace! I can’t wait to share with you this week,…we travel together always.  There is but One path to the center of our being, I’ll meet you there!

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