Enlightened Heart OC
Episode 22

How Big Is Your But?

Craig Hamilton published on

Excuses…we’ve all made them and we all have our favorites for sure.  This month we’re gonna turn those excuses into methods that inspire and uplift us, encourage and invite us into the world of TRANSFORMATION!  Each week we’ll take a look at how we avoid the things that will transform our lives forever. We’ll try on new glasses with lenses of LOVE! We’ll find ways to support ourselves with tenderness and compassion while inspiring us to move forward with certain actions. 
If we truly do wish to participate in our own life and not simply watch it pass us by, then we do have to take certain action steps.  This week in particular we will examine our BUTs and determine where we need to reduce negative thinking, and excuse making.  We’ll shatter the yeah-but pattern of behavior that is keeping us tied up in an old way of being. There is so much more for us to experience as our life unfolds…..let’s do this!  NOW!

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