Enlightened Heart OC
Episode 18

Inside the Identity – Theft, Who are We Really?

Craig Hamilton published on

The greatest fear is of losing one’s identity, the ego, the image, that nameplate. Is that why we purchase custom license plates and put bumper stickers on our cars they make public service announcements to other drivers about where we  stand on subjects ranging from politics, abortion, spirituality, our favorite radio station, that our child was student of the month, to where we went on vacation?  Most of us invest tremendous energy in the identity we create, but to what degree is this investment, conscious or unconscious, grounded in wisdom or ignorance?” 
Michael Bernard Beckwith – Spiritual Liberation,
Who are we really, who do you know yourself to be at the core of your being?? Let’s continue this conversation on Sunday - and come to a new appreciation of all that we are. It is an impossibility to ever lose our Real Self that is the Divine Expression of the One Expression!
This month we’ll focus on “Mind Hack Mastery – The Basics” going deeper each week into various ways we are hacked, open to hacking, hack ourselves and to top it all…..how we may be oblivious to all of it!

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