Enlightened Heart OC
Episode 17

Making Meaningful Progress in your Spiritual Practices

Craig Hamilton published on

“What is the deeper meaning of identity – Is it a solid or fluid thing? How do we identify ourselves with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual accuracy? Who is the monolithic “me” that we describe in our resumes, job interviews, on-line dating questionnaires, application forms, tax returns, and ultimately death certificates?  Does any of it come anywhere close to describing the reality that each of us is?...................Most of us invest  energy in the identity we create, to what degree is this investment, conscious or unconscious, grounded in wisdom or ignorance?”
Michael Bernard Beckwith – Spiritual Liberation
This month we’ll focus on “Mind Hack Mastery – The Basics” going deeper each week into various ways we are hacked, open to hacking, hack ourselves and to top it all…..how we may be oblivious to all of it!
This week let’s consider the following questions: What if you knew how to hack your mind? How would feel if you could hack into those thoughts that steer you away from your spiritual practices? Or, that you could hack your thinking, so you could live life by Divine design. That you could literally paint a picture of your perfect life, and then live it. What would you choose to create? Let’s take back control of our minds...... and steer back onto a spiritual journey of self-discovery so you can liberate yourself from the confines of lack and limitation, living the life of your dreams!!

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