Enlightened Heart OC
Episode 9

Mother's Day Meditation…….The Great Escape?!?

Craig Hamilton published on

Meditation is Not an Escape From Life

Some people unwittingly use meditation as a refuge or "spiritual bypass"; escaping into meditation to avoid facing or dealing with uncomfortable feelings or challenges. This is a tricky misstep to detect sometimes, since "peace" or disengagement may appear preferable to (or even "more enlightened" than) the complexity or messiness of dealing with life's challenges.

The desire is not to detach from the world, but to create a harmonious state of being and “Be in the World and Not of it".  If you are simply checking out from life through your meditation practice - you may not be attending to things that true meditation would give you the strength to dive into fully and directly. When we are willing to be present to the challenges in our lives, a doorway always opens and a greater expression of “Self” finds its way through!

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