Enlightened Heart OC
Episode 20

Update Complete – Ready to Reboot Your System?

Craig Hamilton published on

Have you ever had a software update notification, asking you to re-boot?  Well, all this week I kept clicking the “remind me later” button, never getting around to it.  Just got me thinking how often we might do this in our own life as well.  Took the class, went to the workshop, read the book, listened to the POD cast, but keep putting off the “Re-Boot”  request to start-again.  Whether it’s to override an existing old program, reform our spiritual practices & re-commit to the possibilities that are waiting, nothing changes if nothing changes.  We must “Re-Boot”  “Re-Start” “De-Frag” if we are to truly embody these Spiritual Truth Teachings.  When we are awake and aware, we become more available to make conscious choices that affect how our life unfolds.  Wouldn’t you rather have an operating system free of viruses, trojans and unwanted malware……let’s “re-boot” together! Join me this Sunday for a very interesting talk about the new software updates that are ready for us to install!!

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