Episode 13

Changing Horses: Russian visionary Marie Dahlgren

Marie Dahlgren published on

Today I was honored to be interviewed on Real Rover Podcast! John Craig, the host, is the real master! Take a listen! 


Enso Coach Marie Dahlgren commits herself to paradigm shifting because she has done it herself. The black horse and the white horse haunted Marie in recurring dreams. She there sees the collapse of the USSR and the life that follows in an unfolding vision. She knows she is not her name, her identity or any other label. She has awoken to a deeper level of the energy..

As she takes us from childhood in the Ukraine to the US, on the way a Tibetan monk shows her beyond looking at yourself in the mirror, Milton Erickson's teaching points beyond the past and a solid career in government and banking reveals its inherent limitations to her. With a vibrant spirit of entrepreurship Marie connects the intuitive with the rational and demonstrates the solid power of modern coaching techniques. She shares a prescient sense of how technology and spiriitual wisdom get combined as we begin to understand the two horses galloping together. We need never choose only one horse but rather saddle up for both at any time, in any place. Get ready for the ride!


Music "Flying High" by FREDJI

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  • Awesome Mike Baker

    Very interesting to take a look inside Russian upbringing and the stories!! Awesome!!

  • Marie Dahlgren

    Glad you like, Awesome Mike :)