Episode 34

Isaac Rayment: Creativity and talent in constant motion for the next excellent quest.

Marie Dahlgren published on

Welcome to the EnsoReal Paradigm Shifters Podcast. This show is for and about the entrepreneurs who work to improve our human wellbeing by bringing new ideas to life.

The show is hosted by Marie Dahlgren

In this episode, Marie talks to Isaac Rayment. Isaac is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in developing innovative immersive businesses.

His current projects include building an immersive medical education platform with Harvard in Boston; building a virtual production studio in Toronto; designing projection-based shows for a series of projection mapped galleries across North America; developing AI body language software, and working on developing a VR concert series. He is also an active tech ambassador, speaker, and educator, as well as chapter lead for the Silicon Valley-based Augmented World Expo in Toronto.

After the interview, Isaac messaged me the answer about what his strangest talent is: "Weirdest talent...I was the undefeated kingdom-wide wrestling champion in Saudi Arabia for my weight class when I was 13".

And now, here is Marie’s interview with Isaac Rayment.

Music: "Flying High" by FREDJI.


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