Episode 1

Marie Dahlgren: Paradigm Shifters. The podcast origins.

Marie Dahlgren published on

This podcast was born as an idea to combine the subjects of two projects EnsoStyle (360 and VR technologies) and EnsoCoach (life and business coaching).

It is a show for and about paradigm shifters, where we spotlight the entrepreneurs who work to improve our human wellbeing by bringing cutting edge technologies and ideas to life.

I’m doing this for people who want to be the positive force which changes our world for the better.

For people who look for new intelligence, who look for new ideas. Who are so sick and tired of old vision of life, who are sick and tired of repeating the same pattern in themselves and others. Sick and too bored because they feel that there must be more than this. People who have this deep feeling and desire that there must be more than this in their lives, in our common life as humanity.

People with the strong will to live abundantly and bigger. With the passion that doesn't stop with boundaries, with politics, with mundane daily life routine.


Music "Flying High" by FREDJI

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