Episode 1. Healing for Humanity Transformation TV

Episode 1

Healing for Humanity Transformation TV

Elizabeth Morelle published on

Healing for Humanity is about how to heal yourself and save the planet. Your host, psychotherapist, writer, best seller, creative and healer Ella Morelle, will be discussing ways in which you can overcome your emotional pains, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, low self esteem, and so on. In doing so you will be empowered to step into your light and take meaningful action to help our beautiful Mother Earth. As everything is interconnected, what we do to the planet we do to ourselves. It is time to reclaim our sacred relationship with ourselves, with each other and with the planet. Ella will be interviewing guests who are visionary thinkers and leaders, shamans, healers, complementary health practitioners, or those taking action to save our planet, her habitat and her species, so that we may step into a sustainable, more enlightened future. 

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