Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 70

2015 LA Auto Show

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The guys had an opportunity to attend Press & Trade Days at the Los Angeles Auto Show, held annually at the LA Convention Center.  Lots of new reveals, much Twitter snarkiness, and the Alfa Romeo Giulia!  Both Paul & Todd pick their favorites and talk about the standouts at the show...

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  • Tyler Houts

    Nice show guys--I've recently been getting more into your YouTube channel (was a casual watcher for the past year or so), keep up the good work!
    I attended the San Francisco Int'l Auto Show over the weekend and have to say (man, this is hard to say as a car enthusiast!) that I actually really liked the new Pruis' styling. I was prepared to hate it based on photos, and live in the Bay Area where there are probably more Pruii running around than anywhere else, so I know I'll be seeing a TON of them.
    But, the average Hybrid/EV buyer wants a car with distinctive styling (the Honda Civic Hybrid did not sell well because it didn't look different)--people want others to know they are driving an alternatively-fueled car. Yes, the new Prius isn't necessarily pretty, but I will say that it's a very striking car, and I prefer it to the current generation because I strongly believe the worst car designs are the boring ones...at least this new one is very weird/different and stands out. I also found the interior to be refreshingly open with tons of visibility out, contrary to most new cars will mail-slot windows (i.e. Camaro, etc).
    Anyway, just my two cents...thanks again for the great videos and podcast!

  • Everyday Driver

    You make some good points, Tyler. We're very curious to see how the new Volt sells since they've made it look so normal.

  • Tyler Houts

    Absolutely; admittedly I paused the podcast to write the above comment, and y'all hit the nail on the head regarding the Volt.

    I saw in the new Volt at the same show and much prefer the styling of the first generation. We all know the Prius will sell like hotcakes pretty much no matter what it looks like; it will be interesting to see how the Volt sells with it's relatively mundane styling.