Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 86

BMW M2 Purchasing; Wildcard Commuter Car; Convertible For Classical Musicians

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Paul discusses his M2 pursuits, but Todd throws in a cool idea to consider.  Rick who brought Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus out to Salt Lake City, writes to the guys asking for commuter car choices.  The guys both agree on a wildcard, out-of-the-blue choice!  Then, Nick and his wife are both classical musicians in Washington, D.C.; asking for a family convertible.

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  • Chris Sun

    Great idea with the "temporary" S2000. Ride the S2000 bubble... it's crazy how they have stayed steady the last couple years (and even went up in resale in some cases). I owned a AP1 for 5 years (2009 - 2014) and when I sold it, I got exactly what I paid for it.

  • Nick Hodges

    Thanks for debating our car question! I was thrilled when I saw the podcast on my phone today. All of your recommendations are interesting and ones that I had not considered. We are both excited by the ideas you suggested and are looking forward to testing these options. The M3 idea hits close to home for me. When I was growing up I had a large poster of an AC Schnitzer BMW M3 hanging on my wall. I will let you know what we ultimately decide. Thanks again! Btw, my wife plays clarinet and I play viola.

  • Everyday Driver

    Nick! So glad you enjoyed the episode and it was helpful to you! We definitely want to hear what you decide. Thanks for listening!

  • Dave Rendon

    Hey Todd & Paul,

    Great podcast as usual. If Rick were to get the BMW i3 I think he would be able to drive it in the HOV lane. That would probably save him a ton of time in his 45 mile per way commute. The range anxiety will probably be present though. As far as Paul's temporary car. I love the S2000 idea as it's a great car that will most likely hold it's value very strong. I have another suggestion as well. How about an Evo 8 or Evo 9? They are definitely holding their value pretty solid as well. The interior is probably far below Paul's standards when it was new but the car is an absolute blast to drive. If you can get your hands on a Evo RS (2004-2006) that would be the most raw Evo brought to the states. We're talking crank windows and no options with stuff actually removed just to save weight. They can be had in the range you are talking. Here is a weightless white one in Boise. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/5460767620.html?lang=es&cc=mx

  • Dale Chang

    I respectfully disagree with you guys regarding the Abarth; aside from an exhaust note that's just this side of pornographic, I never found the Abarth to be as "complete" a car to drive as a comparable MINI. In fact, the higher hip-point design of the Abarth and the awkward clutch pedal feel ruins the user experience in spite of the competent chassis and wonderful soundtrack. I get that Rick needs a car to commute long distances and I managed 60K miles over 24 months of ownership of a Cooper S with a Seattle to Yosemite road trip thrown in and the MINI handled it all with aplomb.

    Todd, the 996 cabs are a great value and for the folks who has to deal with traffic in D.C. a 3.6L 996 cabriolet with Tiptronic can be an absolute joy to own and drive while being a great value proposition. Great call!

    Paul, the term you're looking for is Percussionist. (Xylophone, cymbal...)

  • Dave Rendon

    I almost forgot, what about an imported Skyline R32 GTR? That car will probably appreciate in a year. You'd probably have to come up to the low to mid $20k range for a GTR or mid teens for a GTS-T.