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Episode 41

Car Debate for Paul; Modern Cars or Project Cars?: Episode 41

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This is a twist--Todd debates his choices for Paul, who is considering his next 'fun' car.  What should he get, and what do you think?  We toss that question to the audience!  Then, a long overdue discussion about owning modern cars or project cars--which is better and why?  JJ from Buffalo, NY is involving the whole family to help his father-in-law make a decision.  Also, Steve from Sacramento, CA is getting the whole family into autocrossing, so what is best for he & his wife?

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  • Shobin Drogan

    Rip paul...oh wait

  • Noah B

    This is an oddball but you can get a GT-R in Canada (used) with low miles for ~65,000 CAD which is about ~54,000 USD