Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 137

Dad Mike Shopping For Son Cody; Joseph Adding A Flashy 3rd Car; Chinese Mfr’d. Cars In North America

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Cody doesn’t yet have his license, but that doesn’t stop he & his dad Mike from shopping for a fun, inexpensive first car for him.  Joseph is adding a 3rd car to the fleet that he just wants to love, and then the guys discuss many excellent Facebook questions—ranging from GT-86 tuning, Chinese-manufactured cars in North America, and the Germans investigating a ban on combustion-engined cars by 2030.

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  • Crowley Drew

    Actually, i'm a 16 year old driver in a 2000 BMW 540i M sport and because its almost 17 years old, insurance for me was less than a Toyota Tacoma. Insurance on those older Porsches and BMW's shouldn't be too bad. By the way very much enjoy the show and the podcast.

  • Everyday Driver

    Good to hear! Thanks for sharing and we're really glad to have you listening and enjoying the show!