Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 103

Do-It-All Car for Michael; Tech & The Younger Generation; Best Driving Game Systems

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Michael B. in Alberta, Canada is increasingly adding outdoor sports to his life.  His wife doesn’t drive, so what’s the best all-around car for driving, family, a dog and sports?  The guys address questions from Facebook, including subjects like the younger generation’s attitude towards cars, high-performance driving schools in SoCal, and best driving game systems.

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  • Nino Scholz

    Paul, you mention seeing an actual 6 speed TSX Wagon in person. That reminded me of when I check out a car like that, and peering inside for a good look at the center console to see if there's a good old manual shifter in there. I always feel guilty as heck peering into folks' cars like that. I know if I saw someone checking out what was in my car, I'd get a bit suspicious. But alas, I must know if it's manual!