Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 3

Drive+ and Oh, Canada: Episode 3

Everyday Driver published on

The guys talk about YouTube's /DRIVE Channel going to a subscription model, the high cost of making good video, and what it all means for Everyday Driver.  The car debate is for Bette in Canada needing a car for herself and another one for her daughter, and the result is a discussion of almost every segment imaginable. Please share the show and leave a rating and review!

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  • Noah B

    08, 09, 2010 C4S for 50K?? Bah. No way in hell! An 06 C4S will go for around 50, certainly no 997.2 cars. Or I would have one. In Canada I looked at getting a '09 C4S, 80-90K is the common price for those cars. Nowhere near 50.

  • Eric Holzhauer

    Another great podcast! Love the multiple suggestions, especially the "wild cards".

  • Shobin Drogan

    Just get a C7 :P