Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 47

Low-Ball Appraisals; Finding A Really Good GT Car; Fix It or Mad-Max It?; Episode 47

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When should you sell, and when should you stand firm?  Todd has a really ridiculous experience with a used-car dealer.  Sid from Chicago is looking for a true GT car, with some specific requirements--he writes to the guys with his debate.  Then Eric in Rhode Island has a car that's perfectly balanced between nice and naughty--should he spruce it up; or go nuts modifiying it, Mad-Max style?

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  • Joshua Booth

    LOL about the low ball. When my wife and I were buying our Jetta Sportwagen TDI, the dealer offered us $300 for our 2001 Saturn SC2. My wife declined, and we sold it to CarMax for $1200. I'm sure if we'd gone private party we could have gotten even more.

    I think the issue there was the high demand for Jetta Sportwagen TDIs. VW can't keep them on the lots.

  • Eric Holzhauer

    Whether i agree with the cars you recommend or not, you are always entertaining...lol. Loved the story about the skull faced Miata, and having sold cars for a couple years, the $300 lowball too. I'm going to put in another request for a video review of (new) lukewarm/almost hot sedans around $25-30k. Thanks guys.