Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 57

Miller Motorsports Park Update, Moving On From Corollas (or anything not fun)..

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The guys' home track in Utah has a new owner!  Speculation for Miller Motorsports Park has ended, but now comes with intriguing news that's shocking to the automotive world.  Both Car Debates are for Corolla owners--Alex C in Columbus, OH and Sam in Dallas TX.  Alex is single and has some wildly varied options, Sam has a family and is needing a good all-arounder; but most important is that the guys want something fun to replace their cars, and move on to something new.

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Definitely can buy an under three grand 60k mile mint condition mx5. Rear wheel drive convertible manual transmission mx5 are all over the place.

    I just bought a 1994 mx5 60k mile and it's awesome,. Hit it with an orbital polisher and some polish and wax. Looks brand new. Figure a grand to assure normal maintanence is done and that's high.

    Parts are inexpensive and plentiful. That gets my vote. I bought the mx5 as my winter driver as I just could nt do an SUV etc and figure snow tires will make this little car a great all around fun driver.

    Most smiles per mile counts as a huge plus. Alex...get the mx5. Very reliable and sturdy with millions of parts available and very inexpensive to buy and keep running.