Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 82

MX-5 Generations Film; Nimble Commuter; The Tuning Disease

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We lied.  The MX-5 Generations Film didn’t come out last week…but it will this week!  Putting the finishing touches on it now…

The guys discuss their most recent shoots, and some upcoming plans.  Chris in MI is open to new thoughts about his need for a fast, nimble commuter car; and Alex in Chicago is thinking about his next tuned car…

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  • Alex Ilic

    Hey guys, it's Alex. Thanks for taking the time to debate my car itch. Couple things...

    1. NO on the Ecoboost Mustang. V8 or go home. My plans on the GT is supercharged or twin turbo and over 800 rwhp!! Yeah, the ecoboost is not even close in potential. Also, none of my tuning parts would work on it. On the Mustang forums, there are quiet a few people who started out with the Ecoboost and ended up trading it in for a Mustang GT. Also, the aftermarket for the V8 GT's is actually much bigger. The choices are endless.

    2. Camero just doesn't do it for me. I saw it at the Auto show and meh. It's nice, but no soul. Plus they are more expensive and no real incentives. I do get employee pricing since my step-dad worked for GM for 30+ years.. but it still doesn't cut it pricing wise. Plus Ford dealers will give me the highest trade in for my ST.

    3. The G8 is a decent choice. I'd rather save up some money and get an SS which is one of my favorite cars. The E30 is great, but financing used puts me out of my budget now, plus the German service/parts tax is steep. Even their aftermarket is double the equivalent American muscle car mods.

    Thanks for putting out a fantastic podcast! I do plan on driving out to Utah possibly this year. I'll keep you posted. Would love to take another Ford Racing school day if I can swing it.