Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 8

ND Miata Reveal, $10k Track Car, Nimble Roadster options: Episode 8

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The fourth generation MX-5 or Miata begins this episode as the guys discuss the recent unveiling. The first debate is for Edward in Atlanta, who is considering options for a non-Miata track car.  Then we debate for Kevin in Houston who is looking for a small, fun roadster, but also wondering about non-Miata options. Please rate and review our YouTube videos and podcast to help them grow!  If you want more videos, please visit our support page at www.patreon.com/EverydayDriver

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  • Alex Stern

    Awesome episode guys. One thing though, how can you talk about cheap track cars and not even mention BMW E30's?! By far the best cheap track car all around with price, performance, and aftermarket upgrade possibilities. He could spend $3k and just load it up with track goodies.